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The Widow(er)’s Guide to Reclaiming Happiness
How to Create Your Comeback Story after Loss

Do you want to do more than survive your loss?

What if you could feel good about being on your own while creating a life and a future that’s worth living? You know that your spouse would want you to be happy. The real question is: how? How do you move forward and enjoy life again when all your dreams and plans included someone who is no longer here?

In this book, I walk you through the steps I took to push through despair and find joy in life again after the early death of my husband.

Specifically, I share tools, techniques, and strategies that will help you:

  • Feel relief from your grief
  • Learn how to focus on the present while remembering and honoring your spouse
  • Uncover what will make you happy on your own
  • Determine little steps that you can take to climb out of survival mode once and for all
  • Find time to do it all – parenting, work, house upkeep, and even self-care practices that will lift your spirits and boost your wellbeing