Private Coaching

Accelerate Your Journey Toward Happiness

As a certified life coach, I use proven methodologies, tools, and professional insights to help widows and widowers rebuild a life that feels good again.

Note that life coaching is not the same as therapy. Whereas therapy focuses on the past and helps you process your grief so that you can begin to heal, life coaching focuses on the present (and future) and helps you close the gap from where you are to where you’d like to be. Often, this includes a rediscovering of oneself as we determine what will bring you happiness moving forward.

Because I have walked this path myself, I often use stories from my widowhood journey to comfort, encourage and inspire. I also provide support and mentorship during milestone occasions, angelversaries, and daily challenges while helping my clients implement the positive changes that will bring about the life they desire.

All private one-on-one coaching sessions are conducted via phone, allowing for greater convenience and comfort, and take place over several months to ensure you are well on your way to a happier, more fulfilling life.

Are you ready for coaching?

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Together, we’ll discuss your unique situation and needs and come up with a coaching schedule that works for both of us.

“I’m so glad I hired Jen as a coach! She not only provided me with coping strategies to ease the rollercoaster of grief I was suffering through daily, but she also told me stories about how she handled life as a widow. I found this to be therapeutic, as it made me feel less alone. I now have a more positive outlook on where my life is headed and a renewed confidence in myself and my ability to thrive again.”

Ashley J., California