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Turn Despair Into Optimism

How to Enjoy Life + Be Happy Again: Strategies for Young Widows + Widowers

This 6-part online course makes it easy for you to find relief from grief in a matter of minutes, boost your mental and physical well-being, and reimagine a vision for your future…which helps you kick the grief rollercoaster to the curb and begin enjoying life again—without forgetting your spouse.

Here’s a sample of what’s covered:

  • Strategies to feel relief in a matter of minutes (prevent trips down Alice’s rabbit hole).
  • Practices that can be used daily to reduce anxiety, worry and stress while improving focus, motivation, and energy (boost your mental and physical wellbeing).
  • Clarity as to what will make you happy on your own and specific steps to get there (begin taking inspired action toward a new future).
  • Three things you need to STOP doing NOW to gain positive momentum faster (accelerate your journey forward).
In less than six weeks, I felt a major shift.

I found Jen Santaniello at just the right time. I wanted to be moving toward a life I could feel good about so I signed up for Jen’s course, and I’m so glad that I did. In less than six weeks, I felt a major shift. I’m now crying less, worrying less, and feeling both positive and confident about my ability to handle life without my husband. I even have new goals for myself! Jen is a role model and loyal mentor to widows and widowers, and I can’t recommend this program enough!

– Leigh P., Illinois

“Jen Santaniello is the most knowledgeable mentor.

This program has played such a pivotal role in my journey through grief! Jen Santaniello is the most knowledgeable mentor. She methodically walks you through a variety of strategies that will lead you to becoming happier and healthier – both physically and mentally! I am so glad that I decided to join her program!

– Ashley J., California

“These strategies have helped me stop going down the deep rabbit holes of grief.”

When I started this course, I wanted to know how to move forward with grief and find happiness again – for me and my 2 children. Jen provides strategies to help shift your mindset from surviving each day to learning how to live again and make the most of this life. The widowhood journey is difficult, but these strategies have helped me stop going down the deep rabbit holes of grief, start planning a better life for myself and my kids, and feel more positive.

– Caroline H., United Kingdom

The Top 5 Emotional Challenges Young Widows & Widowers Face…and How to Overcome Them!

This one-hour course will help you learn how to overcome some of the emotional challenges that keep many widows and widowers stuck—emotions like fear, self-doubt, apathy, loneliness, and uncertainty. Learn the strategies that have helped young widows and widowers from across the globe…so you, too, can move closer to peace and happiness.

“The information contained in this course is excellent! Jen is really engaging, very thorough (and yet it is only an hour! Very succinct), and is brilliantly practical.”

– Robin B., North Carolina

“I needed to hear this. You’ve definitely inspired and motivated me.”

– Lucy R., United Kingdom

“I can definitely see coming back to this again and again…it really helped me ease some of the uncertainty in how to keep moving forward.”

– Tara T., Florida