Get to a Happier Place

Coaching & Courses for Widow(er)s

You will not be disappointed in signing up to work with Jen Santaniello. She has a way to make you feel so comfortable, like you’ve been friends your whole life. She gave me the tools to navigate through my daily life and work through the negative feelings. You need to make this investment in yourself!

Trina P., Canada

Do you want to get to a better place, but don’t know how?

Between the emotional and everyday challenges that you’re facing as a young widow(er), moving forward can be really tough.


Losing your spouse at such a young age was devastating, right? And now, trying to figure out life without them can feel impossible. Between the waves of grief that tend to hit when you least expect them and having to handle everything from financial to household matters on your own, it can even feel like you’re drowning. Add in a full-time job and/or solo parenting, and it can cause even the most level-headed individuals to feel like they’re falling apart at the seams.


On top of that, when you’re juggling everything on your own, it can be hard to find much, if any, time for yourself. Even if you have the best of intentions to read before bed or to start a new exercise regime—anything to get you on a path to feeling better!—when you finally find the time, you’re too exhausted! Or, you’re no longer motivated. Finding the motivation to make positive changes in your life when you no longer have your spouse around to support you, cheer you on, or encourage you can feel hard.


Even if you were motivated, you might not know how to close the gap from where you are to where you want to be. You may not even know what will make you happy going forward. And this makes it difficult to move forward. So, you stay stuck right where you are.

I know this because I’ve been in your shoes.

  • But now I’m thriving.
  • I learned how to climb out of survival mode, and how to find joy in life again.
  • And now I’m on a mission to help other young widow(er)s do the same!